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Perfume List Last Updated On: 9-Dec-2023

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1/2 oz Parfum de Toilette
ID# 704

I love Emeraude and I love this bottle. The color is so beautiful that it makes me smile. Perfume is in excellent condition. Toilettes are made to hold the top notes longer and they keep fresher longer than colognes.

1/4 oz Parfum
ID# 701

About a quarter full and it smells wonderful. Nothing quite beats vintage Emeraude. It was my first perfume I wore as a teenage. My father loved Shalimar and my boyfriend loved Emeraude. My father use to get confused and think I was wearing Shalimar. They are similar.


2 oz perfume
ID# 403

This is from the 1930-40 era with a metal cap. The top of label is worn off but I think it may have said toilet water. This is from a collection of unused bottles that had been rubbing against each other for 65+ years, so this may not have been used, as many of the others still have seals. The perfume inside is in excellent condition, although the water and alcohol have almost all evaporated. What is left is very pleasant and wearable, so I am just calling this perfume. There is more than 1/3 left, I would guess about 20 ml.

ID# 413

Pre 1910 bottle Made in France. Bottle and stopper are original, matching, both etched with the #85. 2 1/2" tall x 1 3/4" wide. Excellent condition with original perfume. I saw a bottle exactly like this with the label on it and can identify it as D'Orsay, and can verify by smell it is Jasmine. See the last photo, it is another bottle with the labels on so you can see how it looked with the labels. It is not included with this purchase.

1/4 oz Parfum
ID# 1216

Here is a chance to get a great bottle of Jean Patou 1000 at an affordable price. This is an adorable 1/4 oz crystal Baccarat bottle that is 3/4 full. It is pure heaven!

I have been sampling from this bottle and there is a small amount of wear to the gold on the sides of the stopper. Great other than that.

ID# 872

Unused from the 1960s. Many people don't know that Faberge was the first to create perfume scented hair spray. This hair spray smelled so wonderful that Aqua Net bought the rights to the formula and began selling it under their own name. Very few cans of Woodhue Hair Spray are left out there. It smells awesome! It is not sticky and is meant only to scent the hair with the scent of Woodhue. I have two cans and one is in my personal collection. This one is unused.

2 oz Eau de Cologne Splash Flacon
ID# 708

Bottle is still sealed but the perfume has evaporated. Nice display item. This is from the 1940-50s era.

1/6 oz Parfum
ID# 397

Another lovely Chypre perfume from the 1940s. They really made great Chypres between 1930 and 1957. This is another great perfume for the perfumista collection of classic scents.

Ma Griffe was launched in 1946. The nose behind this fragrance was Jean Carles.

Top notes are aldehydes, gardenia, green notes, asafoetida, clary sage and lemon; middle notes are iris, orange blossom, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley and rose; base notes are labdanum, sandalwood, cinnamon, musk, benzoin, oakmoss, vetiver and styrax.

Great foil label. Bottle is 1/6 oz, which is 5ml, and it is full of original perfume in wearable condition.

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