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Intoxication, Divine, and Le Dandy

Nice boxed set of three classic D'Orsay perfumes. This was unused, but evaporation has taken its toll over the years. Each bottle is a 1/2 oz size and the amount left varies in each bottle. All smell good.

$ 45   available


Pre 1910 bottle Made in France. Bottle and stopper are original, matching, both etched with the #85. 2 1/2" tall x 1 3/4" wide. Excellent condition with original perfume. I saw a bottle exactly like this with the label on it and can identify it as D'Orsay, and can verify by smell it is Jasmine. See the last photo, it is another bottle with the labels on so you can see how it looked with the labels. It is not included with this purchase.

$ 25   available

1/2 oz EDC perfume

Alcohol has evaporated. Another bottle 40+ years old, still nice smelling.

$ 5   available

1/4 oz Parfum with box

Just a small amount of perfume but it smells great. Box has some staining on the outside.

$ 20   available

very rare bottle

Aluminum bullet shape lighthouse container, stands just 1 1/2" tall. Includes the tiny bottle, with label and still contains its fragrance. Stopper is stuck. Dralle was just featured in the fall 2011 Perfume Bottle Quarterly magazine. See article showing this bottle. The Syringa fragrance is very rare to find.

$ 20   available

I think this soap tin is very sweet with an Art Nouveau look to it. I think this is from the 1980-90s but really don't know. I am only going by the bar code. I don't know when bar codes came into existence. Writing is all in German.

$ 8   available

1/4 oz Cologne

This is an old bottle and yet the perfume is in great smelling condition. It has a metal cap, not plastic, so it must be at least 1940s or older. It smells great for a cologne of any age. Nice item.

$ 5   available

Hair Spray

Perfumed Hair Spray from the 1950s. Many people don't know that Faberge was the first to create perfume scented hair spray. This hair spray smelled so wonderful that Aqua Net bought the rights to the formula and began selling it under their own name in the 1960s. Very few cans of Woodhue Hair Spray are left out there. It smells awesome! It has no stickiness to it, just the beautiful scent of Woodhue. I have sprayed this can a few times, but I also have a second one unused if someone is interested in it. The unused can would be $45. The top of the cap is velour.

$ 30   available

1/4 oz Parfum in box

Thick and wonderful perfume. Tigress is sexy, spicy and oh so good! I think the perfume missing is due to evaporation.

$ 35   available

1/2 oz Bath Perfume

This was unused. I sold a decant from the bottle. It is wonderful smelling. It is from the 1960s.

$ 20   available

1 oz Bath Oil in Amphore bottle with box

This bottle is rare and very beautiful. It is from the 1960s and the perfume oil is in great condition and is about 70% full or original scent. Includes flyer about the Faberge line of perfumes. It is a great woodsy scent.

Bottle stopper is metal and it screws into the bottle. Very unusual design.

$ 50   available

1/2 oz Bath Perfume NIB

Guaranteed to be authentic and from before 1963. Flambeau is a wonderfully rich chypre perfume with a wood base to die for! This is a concentrated perfume, probably an extrait. It is unused and in excellent condition.

$ 65   available

1/4 oz Parfum

1940s bottle of Tigress. I am not sure if someone tried to open this by turning the stopper, but it is still sealed but the stopper is turned sideways. The stopper is frozen. I imagine this to be absolute heaven!

$ 60   available

1/2 oz Bath Perfume with box

Here is another unused Faberge bath perfume from the 1960s. Tigress is spicy and delicious.

I have many bottles of the three famous Faberge perfumes in different size bottles and concentrations. I am a huge fan of 1960s Faberge perfumes, including Woodhue, Flambeau and Tigress.

$ 30   available

Fabergette parfum in box

Love the naimal print on the packaging for Tigress. Meow! I mean Roar! This little touch tip flacon comes in the orginal box with it felt carrying case. Perfume is still in good condition. Great way to sample Tigress.

$ 15   available

1/2 oz Bath Perfume

Beautiful perfume. If you received a 1 ml sample from me in the past you can appreciate Flambeau. It is a gorgeous perfume from the 1960s.

$ 39   available

1 dram size

Beautiful purser item with 3/4 of the original Woodhue perfume inside. Box is in good condition with black velvet inside and only a blemish on the bottom where price tag was previously removed.

$ 25   available

NIB Solid perfume

I have cherished this little box with the cute tie and the solid perfume container inside. I get great enjoy opening it and smelling it occasionally. One of a kind item! Never been used and a truly unique scent. Wonderful! I would date this to 1920-40s era.

I believe the container to be ebony or bakelite. Pristine condition.

$ 35   available

1/4 oz Parfum

French perfume house, nice perfume. Has a glass stopper.

$ 15   available

1/2 oz Parfum with box

From the 1940-50s era and still sealed with some evaporation. gorgeous box.

$ 40   available

1/2 oz Parfum

I would guess this is a 130-40s bottle because of the flaws and bubbles in the glass. I don't know how wonderful it smells as the stopper is stuck and I never tried to open it. I imagine it is very nice. Bottle is 3 1/2" tall.

$ 30   available

10 x 2ml bottles

Fragonard is one of my all time favorite perfume houses. Set includes Etoile Du Sud, Murmure, Fragonard, Reve Indien, Melodie, Emile, Dahlia, Lune de Miel, Eau Fantasque and Arielle. This box has a small area on the side of the box where the box had been taped and when the tape was removed a 1/2" long area of the orange paper was removed. And the Arielle and Murmure bottle labels have light smudges from handling. All bottles are full and unused. Great way to sample some of the best perfumes from one of the oldest perfume houses still in business.

Great price! Compare to sets on ebay selling for twice as much.

$ 60   available

1/2 oz Extrait

1960s 1/2 oz Amphora bottle, also referred to as the Bud Bottle. Small amount of evaporation. Bottle is sealed and still has the cellophane around the stopper. Great perfume. 1960s was a great time for Mitsouko, with loads of oakmoss! Yum! French tax stamp on bottom of bottle.

$ 250   available

1 1/2 oz EDT Splash

Smells wonderful.

$ 40   available

1/4 oz Parfum with box

Really wonderful smelling. Date on box says 1983. Box has a rip and a stain on top of box. Not the best presentation, although there are no stains inside the box. All glass stopper with a strip of plastic around the center of the stopper to help seal the bottle and it does work well.

$ 80   available

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