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1 1/2 oz Cologne spray NIB

I have two of these gorgeous perfume sprays available. I removed the cellophane on one box to show the bottle inside. These are from the late 1960s, and the scent is the best of all versions of L'Heure Bleue. Trust me, I have smelled hundreds of bottles, this is the best scent. And these are in excellent condition with no evaporation. If you think you only like parfum you should try one of these sprays. You will be hooked like me on L'Heure Bleue Cologne sprays. They last and you can wear it on your clothes and smell divinely all day and night.

Price is for one bottle.

$ 95   available

1/4 oz Parfum in box

Slightly used but in outstanding condition. 1000 is the most beautiful and expensive perfume made in its day. A must have. Box has some staining inside the top lid but overall in very good condition.

$ 85   available

1/4 oz Parfum

Unused in original boxes. Wonderful carnation perfume from the 1950s.

$ 30   available

1 oz Parfum sealed with box

How rare is this? To find a sealed bottle of Habanita with this much perfume and a pristine box! Just fabulous. I can smell the scent around the neck and it is the old formula and it is heavenly!

It has a cellophane seal and is tied and is the best Habanita presentation I have ever had.

$ 275   available

1 oz Parfum with box

Still sealed with some evaporation. Box is a little rough from opening and closing over the years. Lovely perfume.

$ 90   available

5 ml Bath and Body Oil

Unused but has small amount of damage to label. Smells fabulous! This is from the 1960s. This is a 1/5 oz size and the bottle is full.

$ 70   available

1 oz Bath Oil sealed in box

Sealed in original box. This is from the 1930-40s era. Antelope is different from Zibeline.

Antelope was introduced in 1946 as a floral aldehyde combination, with neroli, bergamot and aldehydes in a top. A heart encompasses clary sage, rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, carnation, iris and violet, while base notes include a woody-amber base: sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, tonka, amber, oak moss and musk.

$ 235   available

1/3 oz Parfum

This was sealed in cellophane, but I removed the cellophane to take photos. It is a 1/3 oz purser of Je Reviens from the 1940-50s. It is full and perfectly wonderful.

$ 35   available

1/4 oz Parfum NIB

Still has cellophane around the box protecting it. I cut the cellophane to take photos. Not much if any evaporation. Hard to find in vintage formula.

$ 70   available

1.7 oz Eau de Parfum NIB

This is a legendary Avon fragrance, and has a serious following through the years. People who were exposed to this young, still wear it regularly. I was exposed to Emeraude and Shalimar when I was young, and so those are my go to scents. But I understand that if you wore this when young, you would go on wearing it. It is a beautiful perfume and let's face it, cheap. What a great bargain for a beautiful perfume. I smell vanilla and powder and florals. Great warm weather perfume!

This is new and unused. Try it, you will like it.

$ 8   available

Powder bottle

This is a pretty early 1900's antique Babcock's Corylopsis Asian powder bottle. Great label and graphics. Small amount of powder left. Bottle is glass and top is screw on tin.

$ 10   available


Includes 8 mini bottles of high end pure perfume. Each bottle is 2.5 ml. Includes Ambre, Jasmine, Vert, Irise, Chypre, Muguet, Tubereuse, and Rose. Some evaporation, especially the Jasmine. But collection is unused and in pristine condition. Includes outer box.

$ 40   available

1/2 oz Parfum

Very rare perfume from the 1930s. Small amount of perfume left and it smells delicious.

$    sold

2 oz EDT Spray Refill

Almost full of a great Muguet perfume. This is from the 1960s and is unused and still boxed.

$ 50   available

1/2 oz Parfum with boxes

This is a wonderful vintage presentation of Nuit de Noel. I thought this was sealed, but on close inspection it is not sealed. It has about 70% perfume inside and include both boxes. Small amount of leakage inside box.

$ 70   available

2 oz Cologne Spray in box

Unused and smells heavenly. I would date this to the 1950-60s.

$ 50   available

.633 oz Parfum in box

Bottle is still sealed and comes in its original box. I would date this to the 1930s. Has the original hang tag on the neck. Box is stained and aged. Great find. I imagine the perfume to be divine!

Fleurs de Rocaille was released in 1933, and the nose was Ernest Daltroff. Same nose that created Narcisse Noir.

$ 50   available

2 oz Parfum

Here is a 2 oz parfum from the 1940s, still sealed and still has it paper doily around the stopper. Wonderful perfume in great condition.

$ 150   available

Sealed 2 oz Parfum in 2 boxes

Still sealed and in pristine condition. There are leaks signs inside the green box but none that have leaked to the outside of the box. Comes in the original Caron outer cardboard box. I can't say how full the bottle is without opening it but I would say there is probably 1/2 of the condensed perfume in the bottle. Around the neck smells delicious!

$ 160   available

1 oz Bath Oil

Wonderful to wear as perfume. This is probably from the 1950s perhaps as early as the 1940s. Great condition. Labels are worn.

$ 20   available

1/6 oz Parfum

Another lovely Chypre perfume from the 1940s. They really made great Chypres between 1930 and 1957. This is another great perfume for the perfumista collection of classic scents.

Ma Griffe was launched in 1946. The nose behind this fragrance was Jean Carles.

Top notes are aldehydes, gardenia, green notes, asafoetida, clary sage and lemon; middle notes are iris, orange blossom, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley and rose; base notes are labdanum, sandalwood, cinnamon, musk, benzoin, oakmoss, vetiver and styrax.

Great foil label. Bottle is 1/6 oz, which is 5ml, and it is full of original perfume in wearable condition.

$ 25   available

1950s Purser in box

Rare presentation. This is from my collection of Charberts. Adorable box and bottle and very 50s Chypre perfume inside. Bottle has label on bottom. No indication of size but I would say 1/5 oz size.

$ 40   available

1/2 oz each

A very nice unused set of Charrier perfumes from France. All in excellent, unused condition.

$ 30   available

1 oz Parfum

Beautiful French perfume and bottle from the 1930s. April Showers was first released in 1936. All glass stopper. Bottle stands 3 1/2" tall and bottom of bottle is embossed Cheramy. Label in fair condition for its age. Back of label is marked TC. The perfume smells wonderful, more concentrated and rich than the EDT of April Showers.

$ 25   available

Collection of 5 parfums

Set includes Danger, Reflexions, Surrender, Richochet, and New Horizons. Set is in excellent condition. Never been used, bottles have plugs, but there has been evaporation. This set is from the 1940s.

$ 60   available

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