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1/2 oz NIB Parfum with boxes

Montana is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women released in 1986. The nose behind this fragrance was Corinne Cachen.

This perfume is as fresh as the day it was manufactured in 2014. Smells heavenly! Its notes include peach, cassis, plum, pepper, cardamom, ginger, rose, tuberose, jasmine, ylang ylang, carnation, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, civet, castoreum, amber, musk and frankincense.

Includes the outer box and the lucite display box. Outer box has a rip from when it was first opened.

$ 100   available

1/4 oz Parfum Purse Spray and 2 1/4 oz refills

This is a wonderful coffret set. It is a Parfum Purse spray and two refills. Beautiful perfume. I have sampled it a few times. I love Fracas and this in a nice vintage one. the box does have some scratches from storage.

$ 75   available

Eau De Parfum / Lotion / Gift Set

GIFT SET includes:
ANGEL TOUCH LOTION - 100ml / 3.4 fl oz
EAU DE PARFUM - 7.5ml / .25 fl oz
EAU DE PARFUM - 75ml / 2.5fl oz
ANGEL WASH - 100ml / 3.4 fl oz

$ 110   available

1/4 oz Parfum NIB

Still sealed in cellophane. See the last photo showing what the bottle inside the box looks like. It is only to show what the bottle looks like, and this listing is for a sealed bottle in box.

$ 125   available


1.7 oz Eau de Parfum NIB

This is a legendary Avon fragrance, and has a serious following through the years. People who were exposed to this young, still wear it regularly. I was exposed to Emeraude and Shalimar when I was young, and so those are my go to scents. But I understand that if you wore this when young, you would go on wearing it. It is a beautiful perfume and let's face it, cheap. What a great bargain for a beautiful perfume. I smell vanilla and powder and florals. Great warm weather perfume!

This is new and unused. Try it, you will like it.

$ 8   available

3 Heart shaped bottles in a box

This is a wonderful presentation with really cute bottles from the 1950s. Unused and in excellent condition.

$ 20   available


Includes 8 mini bottles of high end pure perfume. Each bottle is 2.5 ml. Includes Ambre, Jasmine, Vert, Irise, Chypre, Muguet, Tubereuse, and Rose. Some evaporation, especially the Jasmine. But collection is unused and in pristine condition. Includes outer box.

$ 40   available

1930s 1 1/4 oz Parfum with box

This is a 1 1/4 oz size bottle and stands about 2" tall and has no damage. There is a label that has some wear that matches the label on the box. There is also a label on the bottom of the bottle that says it is 1.23 oz. The bottle is glass and the stopper is black glass with a flower on top. A little more 1/2 full of original perfume. This is a great addition to your collection!

$ 170   available

2 oz EDT Spray Refill

Almost full of a great Muguet perfume. This is from the 1960s and is unused and still boxed.

$ 50   available

2 oz Empty Parfum bottle

One of my very favorite perfumes and perfume bottles. This bottle is 24k gold and someone drilled a hole in the bottom of the bottle. I have seen another bottle like this with a hole in the bottom as well. This may not be a hole through the glass, I have never tried to fill the bottle so I really don't know if it will hold perfume. The bottle is empty and is a display only bottle. It is a very heavy bottle and weighs 5.5oz. It has two bees on the stopper. The bottle stands 4 1/4" tall.

$ 140   available

.633 oz Parfum in box

Bottle is still sealed and comes in its original box. I would date this to the 1930s. Has the original hang tag on the neck. Box is stained and aged. Great find. I imagine the perfume to be divine!

Fleurs de Rocaille was released in 1933, and the nose was Ernest Daltroff. Same nose that created Narcisse Noir.

$ 50   available

2 oz Cologne Spray in box

This smells heavenly. This is from the 1960s. I occasionally use this as it is wonderful to wear. I have just updated the photo to reflect the current volume of perfume remaining.

$ 70   available


Bottle designed by Felicie Vanpouille (Felicie Bergaud) and manufactured by Cristallerie de Romesnil, this gorgeous perfume bottle is a real treasure to own and admire. This is from my personal collection. I bought this Voeu de Noel bottle without the box so I custom made this box to display my bottle in.

It came with about 1/2 oz of perfume which I transferred to a small screw top bottle while I was making the box in 2012. I have to locate that little bottle to sell with this bottle. The scent is almost identical to Nuit de Noel with the addition of a few extra notes, such as violet, carnation, sweet woods, spices and Mousse de Saxe.

$ 500   available

1/2 oz Parfum with box

Bottle has a label on bottom that reads 5/8 oz. It is around half full and smells wonderful.

$ 90   available

2 oz Bottle

This very rare Caron perfume was first released in 1920 under the name La Mode but Caron trademarked the name Mode 1930 in 1923. So this bottle is from the 1920s. It was discontinued in 1935.

A small amount of perfume remains.

$ 270   available

2 oz Parfum

Here is a 2 oz parfum from the 1940s, still sealed and still has it paper doily around the stopper. Wonderful perfume in great condition.

$ 150   available

2 1/8 oz Parfum bottle

Absolutely wonderful. It is the large bottle and is a little less than half full. It has alittle less than 1 oz of parfum left inside and it smells fabulous!

$ 190   available

1/4 oz Parfum

This is an interesting perfume from the 1940s, and is in remarkable condition for its age. Mrs. Julien Chaqueneau of New York Society was associated with the Rockefellas and the Wanamakers and others in the high society of Park Ave. She was also a close friend of Gloria Vanderbilt. The Wanamakers were the founders of the first department store in New York City. I imagine this might be where this was first sold. The Chaqueneaus were also the owners of a resort in New York and this could have been sold there as a souvenir.

Box is a slide out box.

$ 70   available

1 oz Parfum

I am very fond of the Charbert perfumes and Breathless is one of my favorites. Charbert bottles are all done in the design of a marching drum. Breathless was first released in 1933.

I would estimate there to be about 1/3 oz to 1/4 oz of amazingly condensed and beautiful oriental perfume. Spicy, a base of vetiver, tonka bean, patchouli, musk, amber, and balsam. The top notes are gone but the rich orange and bergamot notes have mellowed to a have a warm, carnation feel. Just a wonderful wearable perfume.

I would date this bottle to the 1950-60 range. Has a silver foil label on the bottom of bottle, and a nice glass stopper.

$ 50   available

1/2 oz Parfum with box

Released in 1945, this is another of my favorite perfumes. But I have never smelled a Charbert perfume I didn't love. What does it smell like? I smell muguet, violet, amber and carnation.

While I have many bottles of Breathless, this is my only bottle of Fabulous. It's really very nice and must be rare as I use to buy all Charberts I could find. About 1/2 of the perfume remains. Box is in less than pristine shape with some stains on the outside.

$ 80   available

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