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Custom Blending

As a skilled custom blend specialist, I will create and blend a unique fragrance especially for you. Together, we will profile your likes and dislikes of the basic scents and when your perfect combination is found, your "secret" custom blend formula will be recorded and available for special order.

Each fragrance offering is hand blended from pure, natural ingredients and includes a hand crafted gift box

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How to evaluate perfume

A perfume's scent depends upon its combination and type of 'notes'. Each note is categorized into a scent family. Just like the individual notes of a song make up the melody, the notes in a perfume produce the final, blended scent. These notes must blend in a satisfying way to produce a final product.

Just as there are different types of note family categories, perfume notes are also classified according to their lasting power. In the perfume world, there are three notes of this type.

The top note in a perfume is its first impression. The top notes are sometimes called head notes or "notes de tete". This is the scent that you smell when a perfume is first sprayed or applied. The top note scent is the first scent, but it also lasts the least amount of time. Top notes usually last less than fifteen minutes. Citrus type scents are most commonly used for top notes.

Middle notes are the scents in a perfume after the top note has evaporated. Middle notes are also called heart notes, central notes, and "notes de coeur". Middle notes in some perfumes may take an hour or longer to develop, but usually start to emanate in just a few minutes. Most middle notes last an hour or longer. Middle notes are usually floral scents.

Base notes, or "notes de fond", are the last notes in a perfume to become apparent. Middle notes and base notes comprise the 'essence' of the perfume. After the top notes have disappeared and the middle notes have started to fade, the base notes become more prominent. Base notes last longer than other perfume notes, usually several hours. Base notes tend to be more rich than other perfume notes. Base notes tend to be from woodsy or earthy fragrance families.

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